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About Us

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Passionate Professionals - Pioneering Vision

corporate wellness workshop
We live and resonate deeply with values of sustainable purposeful work, authenticity, openness, honesty, inclusion and collaboration. We walk our talk!

We each bring something special to the mix. A perfect spiral of respect, encouragement, and heartfelt connection.

Humanity is in the midst of great change with an opportunity to re-evaluate priorities of how we live, work and communicate. Never before has there been a better time to implement sustainable change that will empower people to live their full potential and create thriving organisations. Little did we know that covid would catapult us to an audience of over 50,000 employees in 2020.


We are so grateful to all the organisations that have put their trust in us so far. It is extremely rewarding to witness both the small and huge transformations that are taking place at a structural and individual level. This really puts a smile on our faces and makes our hearts sing. We are making a difference!


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What We Do

Whether you are a small local business, a government body or a large global organization we create tailored programmes to meet your employees wellbeing needs.


Particularly during these challenging times our team have been covering topics such as managing stress, coping mechanisms, isolation, juggling personal and professional life, boosting immunity with nutrition, positive parenting skills, keeping the body active and being creative.


Our life skills programmes, covering a vast range of topics, are engaging, authentic, empowering, inclusive and fun, inspiring change beyond the seminar. 

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