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Treacy O'Connor

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Corporate Wellness Treacy O'Connor
Meet Our Co-Founder and Director: Treacy O'Connor

Having spent over 15 years in the world of global communications and sales, based in Paris, London and Dublin, Treacy became acutely aware of the stresses of corporate life, as well as holding a vision for more meaningful connection in a largely disconnected world. She was instrumental in facilitating best practice across cultural divides, multiple communication disciplines and management levels, bringing collaboration to a world of high competition.


She spent many years breaking through her own barriers, diving deeply into self development, culminating in Ordination as a OneSpirit Interfaith Minister in 2017. Her immersion in mindfulness and spiritual practice led her to teaching from her experience and accumulated knowledge. She is recognised as a teacher on the global mindfulness app, Insight Timer. She stepped down from her role as Trustee on the Board of the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation UK to take up a position as a member of faculty in 2019.


She is passionate about connection and believes that true connection with ourselves will lead to more empowered, authentic and meaningful relationships, whether personal or professional. She holds a vision of a future where communities and organisations can truly lead from the heart and remember what it means to be in the right relationship with all life. As a co-founder and director of Corporate Wellness, Treacy has inspired tens of thousands of employees to reclaim their ability to choose personal wellbeing. 

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