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Empowering young people to create habits of wellbeing for life

Student Wellness creates safe, engaging and practical spaces for students to explore skills for life, utilising the latest leading global research on positive neuroplasticity, lifestyle and functional medicine.

We focus on empowering students to create their own self-care programme to meet the particular challenges they face. Students create their own toolkit of resources, incorporating and utilising simple techniques on a daily basis. 


The World Health Organisation defines health as not simply the absence of illness but the presence of wellness. We want to enable young people not only to cope under pressure, but to thrive and live with meaning and happiness. We support youth to weather difficult periods of exams, challenges or crises - and to enjoy the good moments, to be in good relationship with themselves, their tech and their social environments.

Student Wellness explores practical habits of wellbeing and happiness with students,

to help them:

  • improve their focus and self-discipline

  • increase energy levels and boost concentration

  • balance their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

  • improve self-confidence and self-compassion

  • develop a growth mindset

  • identify the causes of and reduce anxiety and stress 

  • cultivate positive routines around sleep, nutrition, physical activity and emotional health

  • build resilience

  • maintain wellbeing self-care under pressure

By creating, engaging and adapting their own self-care plan, students become equipped to deal with the challenges they may experience leading up to their exams - or at other crossroads in their lives, where important decisions need to be made.

If you'd like to have a chat about student wellness options for your school or college, drop us a line below and we'll organise a call together.

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