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The Triskele

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Mairéad Steele

Creating Wellness from the Inside Out

Máiréad is the Nutrition, Mental Health and Wellbeing Director of Creating Wellness 

Máiréad has a special interest in nutrition, emotional trauma and biochemistry, focusing on the ways they are intricately linked to physical and mental health. She has extensive experience in helping people improve their overall health, physical and mental wellbeing using lifestyle and functional medicine. 

As a qualified Social Work Counsellor, Máiréad utilises scientific approaches in supporting and optimising physiological and psychological health.

Máiréad has a wealth of experience in helping adults and children with physical and mental health issues including stress, anxiety, and depression. Using a holistic person-centred approach, Máiréad incorporates meditation and mindfulness into her practice, empowering people to develop new well-being and lifestyle practices and strengthening resilience levels.

Orlaith O’Sullivan

Be Always Coming Home

Orlaith is a Director of Creating Wellness Ireland
Orlaith is an internationally recognised expert in mindfulness, happiness and creating happier communities. She has been a student of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh for over 25 years, is an ordained member of The Order of Interbeing and for five years was International Coordinator of Plum Village’s award-winning organisation Wake Up Schools. 

She is a mindfulness consultant with Harvard University and Dartmouth University. The first accredited leader in Ireland of Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice, Orlaith co-founded The Flourishing Circle as a strengths community. She has founded numerous community mindfulness groups for adults, children, and workplaces. She works internationally to develop innovative and practical wellbeing pathways for different ecosystems.

Known for her warmth and humour, Orlaith is passionate about meeting people just where they are. She developed the first wellbeing courses in Ireland based on positive neuroplasticity and regularly hosts poetry & mindfulness days to open and inspire our hearts. Orlaith is also an award-winning author.

Mairéad Steele
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Treacy O' Connor

Re-awakening the Sacred Nature of Right Relationship

Treacy is Co-Founder & CEO of Creating Wellness

Treacy is passionate about creating meaningful connection in today's disconnected world. With over 15 years in global communications and sales based in Paris, London, and Dublin, she deeply understands the pressures of corporate life. She is a master at bridging cultural divides and fostering collaboration in highly competitive environments.

Her dedication to self-development led to her ordination as a OneSpirit Interfaith Minister in 2017, after which she became a Trustee on the Board of the UK organisation and then a tutor on the two year curriculum. The grounded spiritual practice that was born from this journey has been a key foundation stone for all that Treacy embodies.

Believing in the power of authentic relationships, Treacy envisions a future where communities and organizations lead from the heart, promoting personal wellbeing and true connection, which she has embedded as the foundation of Corporate Wellness. Since 2016, she has had the honour of inspiring tens of thousands of people across many varied sectors.

Thanks to Treacy’s vision and leadership, building on the work of many before her, Brigid’s Day is now celebrated as a public holiday in Ireland since 2023.

Treacy O'Connor
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