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Keane Harley

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Keane Harley
Meet Our Co-Founder and Director: Keane Harley

Keane Harley is a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and NLP Practitioner using Integrative Psychotherapy counselling to help people solve everyday issues in their lives. He also holds a Nutritional Coaching qualification, knowing that a healthy brain is dependent on a healthy diet and digestive system.


Keane works with pre and post operative hypno-healing along with a host of other cognitive concerns, including altering unhealthy thinking patterns and compulsions, developing self-esteem and inner confidence, changing habits and eating disorders, fear of flying, and public speaking skills. He regularly delivers lectures, seminars and webinars in corporate and academic organisations, and frequently writes and broadcasts on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hypnosis, and Mental Wellbeing.


As the Mental Health, Nutrition, and Sleep lead in Corporate Wellness Ireland Keane is also a sought after Wellness Coach and speaker for Positive Psychology presentations and workshops in schools, colleges, corporate organisations, and groups on topics such as Motivation and Willpower, Food and Mood, Stress Management, Mental Agility, and Resilience.

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