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Karen Bowers

karen bowers corporate wellness co founder
Meet Our Co- Founder and Director: Karen Bowers

Karen is the founder of the award-winning beauty service At Home Pampering. Karen identified a massive gap in the market for bringing self-care treatments directly to clients, and so in 2009, At Home Pampering was born.


Karen is a qualified beauty therapist across multiple disciplines. She has a genuine passion for creating a better version of oneself and believes that self-improvement and beauty are more than just skin deep. Karen has created a business that brings the look-good/feel-good industry straight to you. She delivers weekly workshops on beauty, skincare and continues to grow her skill set.


She is passionate about skin care, beauty and wellbeing, and that passion empowers her to help people feel good about themselves. Karen also has a background in the corporate world as well as being self employed and therefore she is aware of how taxing modern working can be. She has seen first hand the benefits of implementing a wellness programme into the day to day of working life.

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