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Energising our collective wellness  

We honour the act of gathering together in community.


In Irish culture, the hearth or tenlach represents warmth, refuge, creativity and support. It evokes not only a fireplace, but the very people who gather together around the light. Community Wellness reimagines this hearthspace for our modern times.


We weave spaces (in person and online) for people to come together with authenticity, joy and unconditional care. With our passionate and skilled facilitators, we co-create warm and inspiring group experiences that offer insights into wellbeing and deepen our relationships with ourselves, each other and the planet. 


We offer workshops and courses, and welcome the opportunity to work with marginalised or underrepresented communities.


Our work includes:

  • Community Wellness Immersion Days 

  • Community Wellness Courses - 8 week journeys in self-care and whole health

  • Luminary Events 

  • Community Circles - Online (coming soon!)

  • Healing Sound & Silence


Reconnecting with ritual and coming together with intention helps restore our humanity, hope and health. To talk to us about your community, drop us a line below to arrange a chat.

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