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Adrienne Smith

Meet Our Founder and Director: Adrienne Smith

A skilled and intuitive holistic therapist with ten years experience, most of which are dedicated to corporate massage, Adrienne is passionate about empowering employees and giving them back responsibility for their own health and happiness.  


Having worked with many companies, she has experienced the benefits of wellbeing in the workplace first-hand and this inspired her to establish Corporate Wellness in 2015.  

Over the last few years, Adrienne has achieved qualifications in Bookkeeping and Payroll, she continues to study in this field. 


She fully understands the impact that happy and healthy employees can have on a company and the broader community and is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and skills to bring about positive change.  


Adrienne has a great appreciation of nature and avails of timeout in her garden, birdwatching or walking with her dog Bran.  She also enjoys running, sea swimming and cooking wholesome meals.

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